I cannot help but wonder what the latest advances are all about and which ones will really take over the technology scene in the coming year. If you are curious about this, I have done some research to find out more about the subject and found that there are certain leading trends in technology.

Permeation of Artificial Intelligence

The proliferation of AI is inevitable and we are going to start seeing much more of it in the year to come. I have discovered that many leading technology manufacturers are now including many AI features in their upcoming products. AI is doing more than improving, it is becoming a standard.

AI is actually starting to make an appearance in just about every platform, device, or app on the market and the trend is going faster, I learned. We are at a point where, by the end of 2018, AI will become a mainstay of technology in all its forms.

Centralization of Digital Devices

We have to admit that we all have come to depend on our various devices for many applications in life. We have so many smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, and all kinds of other “smart” appliances that we have really come to rely on them as a standard.



We rely on apps for security, for cooking, for changing the temperature in our homes, to wake us up and tell us when to do what and the list never seems to end or get smaller. The thing I expect to see and what is actually happening is people are looking for fewer devices and more action.

We will be looking at the development and release of new devices that are capable of more per device so we will not have to have so many of them.

The Advance of 5G

Technology timelines do not always work out the way you are I think they will but it does look like we will have a 5G network in place by the end of 2019. I learned that 5G internet is going to be about ten times faster than 4G and this will greatly improve home internet services.


5G has the potential to change how all of us use the internet and this will in turn influence developers to consider how consumers are thinking about apps and content to stream. This has been a massive year of preparation for developers and engineers as well as consumers for a new level of internet technology for us all.

More Data Than Ever

I have come to the understanding that there is now more data than ever and it is only going to grow with the furthering of technology. Consumer data is big business and data collection is becoming a higher priority than it ever has before.

Now, with smart speakers all over the place, data collection is easier than ever, anticipating the needs and wants of consumers everywhere. This will change the technology market as we know it, leading to all sorts of consumer-driven developments based on data that is collected passively.