Aside from the science fiction related stuff like hover cars and ray guns and colonies on Mars, the inventors of the future are actually putting together some weird things that are not only understandable but might also see some use in the modern world.

Whether these inventions are good for the world or not is up for debate, but by using trends and seeing needs that are happening right now, futuristic inventors are outlining an idea of the tech that people will use in the future.

Mind reading chips

How many couples have fallen apart because of communication troubles, or a lack of communication altogether? Well, this technology is designed to let couples get to know one another on a mental level, but giving brain implants that can allow couples to sense one another’s emotions.

Then couples will not only have a new level of intimacy and connection with one another, but they will also be able to fully understand one another and fix emotional problems before they happen.

While this (and any other mind reading/implant tech) is prone to discussions about hacking and privacy it could also prevent abuse, divorces, and other effects of marital spats on families.

Virtual public speaking

Everyone has been unsure what to do during public speaking at least once, but this software will actually scan the audience and indicate tips to help make the speech more engaging, persuasive, and will give real-time feedback on what the speaker needs to do next.

This can definitely help people with shyness, speaking disorders, and even perfectionists who want the most data available to them when planning and perfecting a speech. Imagine being able to get real-time feedback as the speech is given to a test audience, then applying that feedback to the real thing?

A microbial mood ring

Mood rings are interesting ways to show off and get a better handle on emotions, for both the wearer and others, and the micro bacteria that live in the stomach have been found to act like a second brain. So combining the two into a ring that will show information on health is a logical step.

When people enter an environment that could negatively infect the bacteria and could even make the wearer sick, the ring would turn a different color. Then those people would know to wash their hands or even avoid the environment altogether.

This could especially help people with weak immune systems know what situations could or couldn’t trigger a reaction or make them sick. Plus, it would look fashionable.

The next few years

While the technology to start bringing these ideas out of the planning phase isn’t even here yet, it’s still inserting to see what people are thinking of for the future and how they are trying to make these futuristic ideas possible.

They sound impossible, but people thought smartphones were impossible before they were invented and done, so maybe the same thing will happen here.