IT departments are already growing alongside the pace of technology, but if several pioneers in the industry are to be believed, the IT department will only get bigger and more influential as time marches on. Innovations are coming fast and furious, and companies need to take advantage of that.

The IT department will demand varying skills of its members, and they will have to adapt and learn many computer programs and technologies in order to keep up with the changing times.

Using voice chat

Everyone has seen, or at least knows of, an Alexa or an Echo, or a Google home, and they probably know about the benefits of simply asking for the device to remember something or answer a quick question. While these devices have been seen in phones and the devices themselves, what If they were in the computer?

Voice search will help marketers more efficiently track a consumer’s intent as well as their gender, and by using voice apps to scan smartphones, further tracking of interests will help businesses market their target audience. If a business can know that the speaker is a human male who likes fishing that can help them meet their demographic.


With so many large technology giants in the industry, some worry that their influence is growing too large, even the giants themselves. Self-disruption is basically what it sounds like, companies imploding in order to make something new and share their influence to keep it growing.

Self-disruption is often defined as a rapid action with less than forty-eight hours’ notice and requires fast-paced action that is far from the original plan. For businesses it could be selling stock or ensuring that their program can work on a rival’s phone, whatever it is, it is a fast-paced and world-changing action that also gives time for reflection.

Fake news and reality

Digital enterprises will also have to be wary of fake content that can spread like wildfire and surround their brand in negativity. With more and more misleading and unchecked posts and blog entries filling the World Wide Web, companies will have to distance themselves from potential untrue websites and facts.


Fake content and news aren’t going to go away, and with the rise of things like counterfeit reality and all of its benefits, distrust is a wide thing, and companies will have to struggle harder to earn the trust of their customers.

Many future changes

IT companies are going to go through many changes as the technology level changes, with many employees forced to take on business roles in addition to ones in technology. There are also discussions about job loss due to technology in the future when compared to the benefit of jobs gained.

These predictions, if they are accurate, can potentially cause massive changes and upheavals in the technology industry. However, this upheaval could lead to great social change in the world, and maybe even give birth to something completely new that the world hasn’t seen before.