Futurists have made a lot of accurate predictions over the years, including the transfer to a gig economy, the advent of the personal computer, and the rise of artificial intelligence. They don’t seem to be slowing down in terms of predictions and have made several about the technology of the future.

Since most of the predictions are almost always correct, we’ll probably be seeing this tech in the future at some point, and that is very exciting for any tech lover.

Small computers

Computers and phones have become a lot smaller since their conception, with big and bulky desktops and landline phones being replaced with increasingly thinner laptops and phones that can fit in a pocket, and they are about to become smaller.

Zero-sized computers are some of the smallest and most powerful computers in existence, and they are getting atomically small. Smaller computer brains are said to be invisible to the naked eye and can be placed in almost anything and everything. While the cost for smaller computers is rising, it will be interesting to see exactly how small computers will go.

Mind reading

Machines will soon be able to read someone’s mind, and since the brain is made up of electrical activity, making machines to translate, store, and keep thoughts in the brain can be a potential cure for Alzheimer’s and mental health issues.

These translators can also help people with autism and speech disorders translate their inner thoughts into words people can understand, possibly helping the world understand people with the disorder better.

However, scientists are also looking at neurohacking and thought manipulation, as well as ways to prevent it from people and companies that don’t have the best interests of people in mind. Privacy is definitely a concern for this type of research.


This will affect the medical branch the most because with nanos being even smaller than cells, nanomedicine has a great potential to cure diseases and sicknesses at their source, rather than once they have infected the body to be traditionally treated.

In addition, advances in gene therapy are also a part of nanotechnology, enabling humans to change their genes and alter various parts of themselves on a cellular level, as well as the genes of their unborn children.


Strict regulation to ensure this doesn’t get out of hand has been discussed, but the idea that parents can take a direct hand in the future of their child and even eliminate hereditary diseases is very interesting.

The futurists’ vision

The futurists are showcasing a world where technology and biology become melded into one being, as well as spreading everywhere and we become more like the computers that we use as tools. With more and more current companies following this trend, it seems to be coming true.

Like with everything else, only time will truly tell whether the futurists are right, then people can determine what they will do once they get to that future. However, it should look bright.