Music Mash

Use this google gadget to search for songs by lyrics, and find matching videos from Rhapsody, Yahoo! or Youtube. Try "shake" or "blue moon," for example.

This was originally an experiment in seeing how easily lyrics could be search for in Google, and how easily we could extract the semantic information about song title/artist from results. Unfortunately, this proved more difficult than originally thought, and occasionally you'll get "no results." What this means is that in the top 10 results, we couldn't find any that matched the lyrics site song page templates we've memorized. We will continue looking for ways to search lyrics well.

We plan on adding the option to search by song title and artist, if you already know them, since this actually provides some excellent video results once given a song title and artist.

This was submitted into the Rhapsody Web Services contest and won First Prize.

Created by Pamela Fox and Ben Lisbakken