Create a Heat Map with Your Own Data (& Embed on Your Site!)

NOTE: This no longer works, as GeoIQ stopped providing the Heat Map service. You may want to try out this site, this site, or this site instead.

GeoIQ has just released a fantastic web service for generating heat maps on top of Google Maps. I've created a 3-step process to let anyone use their own geographical points and intensity data. Use it for demographic stats you've collected, or just to paint smiley faces on the world. :)

Step 1) Get Data!

Data must be entered in the text area below in the comma-separated "Latitude,longitude,rating" format shown.
- If you have data already, format it to match that scheme and paste it in.
- If you don't, you can try out two sample data sets I've prepared OR you can use the Google map below to "paint markers" and create data.
All ratings default to 10, use text box and "Change Default Rating" button to set default for new markers. To change ratings of individual markers, click on them and change the text box in the info window that pops up.

Loading Map...

Step 2) Preview Your Heat Map!

If you've got correctly formatted data in the above text area, click "Generate Heat Map" button below. In about 30 seconds to a minute, you'll see the heat map overlaid on the map below. Map will automatically zoom to fit the points given.


Step 3) Save & Embed Your Heat Map!

If you want to save your data and be able to include the heatmap on your page in an iframe, give the data a unique name and press "Save Heat Map" button. Note: you will be brought to a new page after clicking the button.

Feel free to contact me with bugs or suggestions.